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Lipki-Oława Embankment


Preparation of full technical documentation together with accompanying services, including author's supervision over the implementation of the project "Lipki-Oława - modernization of embankments in the Oława and Jelcz-Laskowice communes. Modernization of W-4(S) and W-1(OM) embankments"


W-4(S) embankment modernization

The aim of the project was to rebuild the existing flood embankments in the Odra river valley between the Lipka and Oława barrages (above the city of Wrocław). The W-4(S) embankment is a embankment separating the Odra riverbed from the Lipki-Oława polder. During the floodplains, the embankment separates the Oder flows between the river bed and the polder basin in order to reduce the flood risk to the Oława River and adjacent areas.

W-1OM embankment modernization

The aim of the project was to rebuild the existing flood embankments in the Oder River valley built after the great flood of 1903, which after nearly 90 years of operation required reconstruction and extension. The scope of the project included the reconstruction of existing embankments and the construction of new sections of flood protection embankments with accompanying structures.

Scope of the development

The scope of the development included:

  • Project of building new flood embankments.
  • A project to rebuild existing dykes to improve stability, reduce the risk of blurring and reduce the negative impact of filtration through the construction of a sheet piling in the structure.
  • A project to improve the conditions for the exploitation of flood embankments through the renovation of service roads.

Under the contract, a multi-variant concept was developed, a project information sheet, an environmental impact report with a decision on the environmental conditions for the execution of the project, water law reports for the execution of water structures with a decision on the water law permit, a construction project with a decision on the permit for the execution of the flood control project, executive documentation, cost, specifications for the execution and acceptance of works.

Basic parameters of the object

  • The total length of new embankments and flood protection structures, or those covered by reconstruction, together with the construction of engineering infrastructure - 7.40 km.
  • Hydraulic class of embankments - II and III class.
  • Dependable flow p=1,0% - Q1%=1750 m3·s-1.
  • Control flow p=0,3% - Q0,3%=2350 m3·s-1.