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The Młynówka Channel


Flood protection for Młynówka in Opole together with reconstruction and clearing of the Odra river corridor with the flood-bank from km 150.60 to km 154.00.


The aim of the project was to strengthen the structure and restore the architectural, building and historical values of the 19th century hydrotechnical buildings in Młynówka in Opole, which include a navigation lock and a weir. It was also possible to use the lock for recreation and tourism purposes by letting small ships and boats pass upstream of the Młynówka. Partial access for residents and tourists was provided by means of a footbridge over the lock and a viewing terrace equipped with appropriate lighting. The repair of the sluice and weir at Młynówka was the final phase of flood protection of the city of Opole.

Scope of the study

The following design works were carried out as part of the renovation of the weir:

  • reconstruction of the dam in order to adapt it to the flap closure;
  • due to the poor technical condition, the demolition of the body of solid overflows and their reconstruction with clinker brick facing;
  • due to poor technical condition, the demolition and reconstruction of the abutment of the right-hand and left-hand weir with opening of the recesses for cables and flap drive levers;/li>
  • design of flap closures together with the lever-and-screw drive mechanism;
  • design of maintenance gates.

The following design works were carried out as part of the repair of the lock body:

  • filling in of stone cavities in walls and heads of locks;
  • rearrangement of stone stair steps;
  • reconstruction of recesses for maintenance gates;
  • bricklaying of stone slabs covering the upper surface of the sluice;
  • bricklaying of several layers of stone wall in the upper parts of the lock walls;
  • surface cleaning and joint filling of walls;
  • desludging the sluice chamber;
  • filling in the gaps in the bottom of the sluice;
  • design of new sluice gates with preservation of the original appearance;
  • the reconstruction of the incomplete gate drives;
  • design of new maintenance gates.

Basic parameters of the objects

Technical parameters of weir:

  • light width 8,89 m;
  • flap height 1,15 m;
  • type of flap drive - manual, lever-and-screw.

Technical parameters of sluice:

  • usable width of the sluice 7.50 m;
  • usable length of the sluice 56,80 m;
  • gate type mitre gates
  • gate height 6.50 m;