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The Opatowice Weir


Preparation of complete technical documentation together with accompanying services for the project entitled "Modernization of the Oder weirs on the section under the management of the Regional Water Management Board of Wrocław - Dolnośląskie Voivodeship. The Opatowice Weir.


The aim of the project was to improve the technical condition of the facility and the operating conditions for safe passage of flood, dependable and control waters, by modernizing the existing sector weir.

Scope of the development

The scope of the development included:

  • conversion of the main building closures from sector closures to flap closures;
  • reconstruction of the existing concrete structures of the weir in such a way that it is possible to install in them the steel structures of the flaps together with their drives and equipment;
  • reconstruction of the fish ladder to allow migration of two-environmental fish;
  • the reconstruction of the weir's downstream apron;
  • renovation of the weir bridge with change of railings;
  • renovation of shore protection on slopes below and above the step;
  • renovation of the loading berth in the lower weir position;
  • renovation of the surface of access roads to the footbridge and to the transshipment quay as well as the surface of ul. Braci Gierymskich;
  • execution of construction facilities and other temporary facilities necessary for the execution of the investment and their liquidation after the execution of the investment.

Under the contract, a multi-variant concept was developed, information sheet for the project, environmental impact report with a decision on environmental conditions for the implementation of the investment (cross-border impact), water law reports for the execution of water structures with a decision on water law permit, construction design with a decision on the permit for construction, executive documentation, cost, specifications for the execution and acceptance of works, performing author's supervision during the implementation of the investment.

Basic parameters of the objects

1) Characteristic flows:

  • SSQ 124,00 m3·s-1;
  • SNQ 30,80 m3·s-1.

2) Dependable flow Qm = Q0,5% = 2338 m3·s-1.

3) Control flow Qk = Q0,2% = 2635 m3·s-1.

4) Three-span weir with sector closures:

  • Weir light (three spans) 3x32,00 m - 96,00 m;
  • normal water damming level - 117,70 above sea level NN

5) Footbridge for pedestrians and cyclists:

  • span length of the footbridge span in the light of the supports 32,00 m;
  • total length of footbridge span 32,90 m;

6) fish ladder:

  • 91.00 m long and 4.50 m wide;
  • flow rate at the ladder at normal water damming level 2.80 m3-s-1;
  • flow rate at the ladder at maximal water damming level 3.50 m3-s-1.