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The Szytniki weir


Renovation and modernization of the Szczytniki weir on the Oder River in Wrocław.


The facility in question was damaged during the floods in July 1997 and needed urgent reconstruction. Based on the experience gained during the flood wave passage and the recommendations of the "General strategy for flood protection in the Upper and Central Oder River Basins", the reconstruction and modernization of the weir was designed to restore its operational efficiency.

Scope of the development

The scope of the project included:

  • renovation of the upstream apron plate;
  • foundation slab for rubber weir;
  • rubber dam with control room;
  • reconstruction of the right-hand abutment of the weir;
  • construction of a fish ladder;
  • renovation of the hearth plate;
  • rebuilding of the lower station's security measures;
  • restoration of the separation levee.

Basic parameters of the object

1) Rubber dam weir:

  • width of the upstream apron plate 9.20 m;
  • closure made of vulcanized rubber fabric;
  • light width - 45.00 m
  • reinforced concrete control chamber 1.80 x 5.15 x 3.65 m;
  • width of the hearth plate 25.00 m;
  • backwater height - 4.20 m

2) Fish ladder:

  • a chamber fish ladder;
  • drop of 4.20 m;
  • chamber width 1.60 m
  • chamber length 2.80 m;
  • flow rate 0.21 m3-s-1.